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Dynamic working

Flexible and dynamic

Our people are brilliant at what they do. Which is why we trust and encourage them to work in the way that works best for their colleagues, our clients, our business – and of course, them. We call this flexible approach, ‘dynamic working’.

Being supported to find the right balance at work is invaluable.

Whether it’s working from home, the office or a combination of the two, we enable the majority of our people to find theirs, across the world. Some roles are location dependent or need set hours, but dynamic working is all about giving people as much flexibility as possible. 

From collaborating closely to thriving on the buzz of the office, we also know that our people get so much from being with colleagues. So, our global offices still remain important hubs of community, creativity and learning. 

As flexibility sits at the heart of dynamic working, we’ll continue to listen to and learn from our people to make sure that everyone feels supported and valued at every step.

This is a new approach for us but it’s based on our well-established core values and behaviours:


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