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We like well-rounded applicants, which is why we will ask you questions that will highlight your personality and potential, rather than just numerical capabilities.

We've compiled advice from across the business to help you prepare for success

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How can you add value?

Video Interviews can be an intimidating experience, particularly when you can’t see who’s on the other side of the screen. To make the experience as stress-free as possible, we spoke to Izzy - a current Business Development graduate - to hear her interview story and get some top tips for success.



For this strength-based interview, think about how you can articulate your experiences, whether they’re academic, extracurricular or professional, but don’t over prepare: we don’t want you to read from a script. The best responses come from people who are calm, positive and authentic.

Record yourself speaking about something you enjoy doing in your spare time. Watch it back to get a sense of pace and make a note of your body language - how would you come across to a stranger?


Video interviews are your chance to make a strong first impression and verbally showcase your skills. Don’t be let down by a poor internet connection or out of date media player. Ensure your device is completely ready to go before settling down to complete the interview, including downloading all relevant apps and software.



The beauty of a video interview is that you are able to control your own environment, making sure you are somewhere you feel comfortable. Aim for good lighting and minimise background noise as much as possible. Make sure you have dressed appropriately, in something you would feel comfortable wearing to a formal interview.

Why Fidelity?

This is a common question, but a tricky one. Find out as much as you can about Fidelity and try to articulate the real reasons for why you have chosen to apply. Remember - this is not an exercise in telling us what we already know by quoting company statistics. When we assess your answer, we are not looking for evidence of a good memory, we are looking for genuine passion.

What is a strength-based interview?

Unlike a competency-based interview, a strength-based interview focuses on what you enjoy doing, rather than what you can already do. Questions may revolve around your passions and hobbies; things that you are proud of and that inspire you. This approach allows our team to gain an insight into your natural abilities; recognising whether you’d be a good fit for us, and also whether we’d be a good fit for you.

The interview is not about catching you out - it’s about you getting a chance to demonstrate your skills; showing us the value you have gained from your experiences, and the value you could add to Fidelity.

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