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Internship opportunities

Develop your skills over the course of a summer internship and gain valuable experience in the asset management industry. You’ll also have the chance to potentially earn yourself a place on one of our graduate programmes. Here, we tell you about the business areas we offer internships in.

Who we are

Feel passionate about becoming an investor and making a real difference to our clients’ futures? Our Summer Internship Programme offers you unrivalled access to information, experts, and industry leaders. Research Analysts at Fidelity meet with company management, speak to their customers, competitors, suppliers, and industry experts to fully understand their chances of success or failure, and to forecast how their share price is likely to evolve over the coming years.  Over the course of you ten weeks with us, you will learn how our team of analysts formulate investment theses to advise portfolio managers.

What will I be doing?

You will be able to enjoy working independently as well as feeding into the wider investment team. With a natural desire to learn, you will get to understand the importance of deep analytical thinking in making recommendations on behalf of our clients and Fidelity.

At times, when financial markets challenge you, you will keep things in perspective, use it as a learning opportunity and develop your resilience with the support of those around you.

Over the course of a 10-week programme, you’ll research individual stocks and present your findings to a panel of senior investors. You'll be given a set of progressively more controversial stocks of your own to research, you'll be mentored by a director of research, learn from portfolio managers, and have the freedom to express your ideas and judgement on whether the stocks you are analysing should be bought or sold. If you show promise and improvement over the course of the summer, you could be offered a place on our graduate programme.

What We Look For

We welcome applications from all degree-disciplines. You will need to be in the penultimate year of your degree, graduating in 2025 and available to complete 10 weeks of full-time work this coming summer.

We’re looking for highly driven people with intellectual curiosity, ambition, resilience, comfort with numeracy and an absolute commitment to serving the best interests of our clients.

Thirst for Knowledge

You will be intellectually curious and possess the ability and creativity to collect and analyse a range of information, then use it to make judgements on the prospects of industries

Analytical Skills

You will have the ability to undertake often complex research, interpret data and judge the merits of differing opinions, and form insights essential to ensure we make wise investments for our clients

Articulate & Persuasive

You’ll need the tenacity and confidence to communicate your judgement on whether shares in a company should be bought or sold and justify your thinking (at times with imperfect information)

Any degree discipline

We welcome applications from all degree disciplines and all academic achievements

How you’ll be supported

Every step of the way, you will be supported by an assigned buddy and the wider team including Portfolio Managers.  You will have a company-wide Fidelity Induction in your first week and then specific technical training in your second week with us.  You will also be invited to attend bitesize learning sessions throughout your time with us. Every week, we also offer virtual drop-in sessions with the Early Careers team to answer your questions and support you during the programme.

Application process

We like well-rounded applicants, which is why we will ask you questions that will highlight your personality and potential, rather than just numerical capabilities.

Before applying, check out our top tips for how you can add value via our interview process.

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