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Working for Fidelity in India

India is Fidelity International’s largest location outside of the UK and is a base for thousands of our people. We have offices spread across three locations -- in Gurugram, in Mumbai, and in Bengaluru.

Scam alert!
Fidelity International (FIL) is aware of certain fraudsters approaching members of the public and falsely claiming to represent FIL employees or representatives by presenting fake IDs, in an attempt to commit financial fraud. Please read the below text carefully. If you have received a similar request from someone posing as Fidelity, please write to together with any information which might be relevant, such as emails, attachments and screenshots from the communication with the fraudsters. Such information will help us take reactive measures such as reporting to law enforcement.

Beware of fraudsters asking you to make investments
Fraudsters are targeting individuals through social media platforms such as LinkedIn or WhatsApp, and by circulating digitally altered webpage links of Fidelity’s website or asking individuals to download mobile app or by sending false messages describing association with Fidelity’s employees, are misleading them into believing that Fidelity and/or its associated company has launched an investment product in India directly or in partnership with third parties or provides trainings, paid or otherwise, for online trading. It has also come to our attention that these fraudsters are misusing publicly available information regarding SEBI registered funds of overseas Fidelity entities. Please be advised that Fidelity does not have a customer-facing business in India and does not offer any investment services in India.

Beware of fake recruiters
Fraudsters are targeting individuals and offering employment opportunities at Fidelity upon payment of money and/or asking individuals to undertake unauthorised paid online courses on behalf of Fidelity. Please note that neither Fidelity, nor its approved recruiting agency will ever seek money for employment or ask for paid online courses to be done at any step in the recruitment process. We advise you to exercise caution.

With a large employee base working out of India, Fidelity International in India is the largest capability hub for Fidelity globally. Our India operations started in 2001 in Gurugram, Haryana and since then we have seen a significant growth in our operations.

Our journey has seen us grow to about more than 4500 employees today, working in our world-class offices across India. From our first small steps in India, we have continuously added to the range of our services and world-class projects, all achieved with the energy of a start-up and the experience and breadth of expertise that flows from Fidelity’s years of proven success and integrity to clients.

We have capabilities across Fidelity’s businesses -- Investment Solutions & Services and Global Platform Solutions business - as well as capabilities across central functions such as Global Distribution Operations, Investment Research and Fund Analysis, General Counsel, Finance, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Property Services.

Across our businesses, our purpose is to build better financial futures for our clients globally, which range from central banks and financial institutions to wealth managers and private individuals.

" At Fidelity in India, through our work canvas and culture, we have been able to create substantial impact on India Inc. From here, have come leaders who are leading teams globally, influencing technology, business and client success. From here, have come people who have transformed products, solutions and insights. If you want to feel good about what you do and grow as you create customer outcomes, I'd say Fidelity in India is your land of opportunities."

Rohit Jetly, Country Head - India

Our Culture

You will feel our distinctive and unique culture the moment you start engaging with us. Our singular purpose, and strong values and behaviours act as the binding glue for us.

We have a history in India stretching back 20 years, establishing an office in Gurugram with 25 employees. Since then, well, we’ve grown. Watch our video to see our journey.


Early careers

Apart from an experienced, talented workforce in India, we also run an Early Careers programme, which is primarily spread across hiring from Technology colleges, but also hires bright talent from colleges across other domains.