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Our capabilities

Driven by passion, leading through creativity - explore how our teams provide support to the global business.

" Fidelity is a workplace and culture where you can expect to grow and thrive and do your very best work every day. There are numerous inspiring stories of people breaking glass ceilings and boundaries of traditional norms. Many have experienced social mobility and career vitality while growing their careers here. When you join us, you’ll wonder -- since when did staying long at an organization become cool?"

Upasna Nischal, HR Head - India

Over the years, our teams in India have gained knowledge and expertise - taking pride in our ability to deliver large-scale projects. Our capabilities include Technology, Customer Operations, Finance Shared Services and Analytics, Investment Research, Investment Fund Analysts, Digital, and General Counsel India. Here's a rundown:


Our Technology team has been delivering large-scale projects while maintaining high quality standards. These projects include implementing an end-to-end multi asset investment management platform, award-winning digital customer experience platforms and cutting edge data environments that cater to our clients' evolving needs.

They also provide application development, technology support and maintenance for Fidelity’s global business functions and offer information security and technology risk management services. Their expertise in technology infrastructure has been instrumental in the success of our diverse range of services.


Customer Operations

Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding client services with a focus on commitment, continuous improvement, and automation. We prioritise appropriate control and regulatory compliance to ensure the safety of our customers. Our team connects with Fidelity customers worldwide to offer an array of services and automated solutions. We also support change programs to help our clients adapt to changing market conditions.

Additionally, we offer investment solutions and information services related to investing. We guide individual investors and their advisers on how to invest cost-effectively. The team further supports investment solutions and full-service asset management outsourcing for Fidelity's institutional clients, such as pension funds, banks, and insurance companies. They also provide workplace pension administration services to employers in their local regions.

Finance Shared Services & Analytics

This team leads one of the key functions at Fidelity International, helping the company achieve its strategic goals. The team provides a wealth of functional expertise and process capabilities, which span across diverse businesses within the company. They continuously strive to improve their processes to support execution-focused functions, such as group control, accounting, and billing, which are essential to keep the business running smoothly and safely. They also provide valuable analytics and planning support to help Fidelity stay ahead of the competition.


Investment Research

This is a cross asset group providing research support to over 180 Fidelity International analysts and many portfolio managers across regions. They cover multiple assets and sectors globally, providing valuable insights and assistance throughout the research process. Their efforts in the development of an in-house knowledge database help supplement Fidelity's research efforts. The team plays a vital role throughout the research process across financial models, sector reviews, valuation analysis, stock screens and due diligence.

Investment Fund Analysts

Set up in 2005, the Investment Fund Analysts' team covers various asset classes (Equities, Fixed Income, Multi Asset) and provides a wide range of support in facilitating information flow between investment and sales/distribution teams. They work directly with Investment Fund Analysts, Investment Directors and Product groups in Europe, Asia, and Canada. This team is well-known for maintaining consistent quality and timely delivery, making it the go-to team for any fund related investment communication material.

They help create market reviews, fund performance/strategy commentary, and fund presentations for client meetings in the wholesale and institutional business. The team further supports sales efforts by conducting peer group analysis and positioning Fidelity Funds in client portfolios. They continuously strive to improve their systems and processes to accelerate time-to-delivery and scale up the value chain for fund-related communication materials to provide clients with the best-in-class experience.



The Digital team at Fidelity strives to enhance the online investing experience for its global clients. The team has set up an in-house Digital Studio to support global businesses and facilitate the delivery of digital services to external customers. Their capabilities include creating user experience, visual design, end-to-end user testing and research. By adhering to global design standards, the Digital Studio produces high-quality outcomes for Fidelity's clients.

General Counsel India

In India, the General Counsel team is a diverse group of professionals responsible for overseeing compliance with regulatory frameworks, mitigating risk, and ensuring statutory capital maintenance. Over 70 team members across various departments, such as Legal and Company Secretariat, Internal Audit, Internal Investigations, Data Protection, Business Compliance Advisory and Monitoring, Tax and Finance work tirelessly to evaluate internal controls and uphold Fidelity's work ethics and code of conduct.