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About Fidelity

What is it like to work at Fidelity?
About Fidelity International
Are there opportunities to move internally within Fidelity after I join?
Where are your offices?
What are the core values and behaviours you look for when hiring someone?
What is Fidelity’s purpose and strategy?
Who is Fidelity's CEO?

Application and interview process

What happens with my application?
What can I expect when I come for interview?
Are virtual interviews taking place as a result of Covid19?
How long will it take until I have feedback on my interview?
Can I update my CV or other details after I've applied?
What is your pre-screening process?

Candidate support

How should I prepare for an interview?
Where can I find an update on my application?
I need special adjustments in order to attend interview, will you be able to help with arrangements?

Career opportunities

Do you have an alumni network?
Can I register my interest for future vacancies?
Do you have any returner programmes?
Do you have any part-time roles?

Corporate and social responsibilities

Do you support volunteering days?

Data privacy

I would like to request my personal information is deleted from your systems; how do I do this?

Inclusion and diversity

What is your approach to inclusion and diversity?
What employee groups do you have that I could join?
Do you have an LGBTQ+ network?
Do you have a women’s network?

Employee compensation and benefits

What are your employee benefits?
What is your approach to flexible working?
What is your policy around parental leave?
What salary will I receive?

Training and support

Do you provide training and support in roles?
Do you provide support for employees who are interested in taking professional qualifications?