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Feel able to be yourself

Diversity and inclusion at Fidelity

When you join us, you’ll find that we care deeply about creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and free to be themselves. It’s the right thing to do. It also makes our culture richer and our business stronger.

We’ve made huge progress in terms of diversity and inclusion. We’ve created diversity & inclusion networks, made measurable increases in our workforce diversity and evolved our people initiatives all across our organisation. And we’re committed to improving every day – finding new ways to create an environment where everyone, no matter who they are, feels like they belong.

Our strategy

We have set three company-wide priorities for our global Diversity and Inclusion strategy:


Increasing the diversity of people at all levels of our organisation


Strengthening our inclusive culture where everyone’s voice is heard


Enhancing our presence with clients and communities as an inclusive company

Watch this short video to see how we make Fidelity employees feel included

How we encourage inclusion and diversity

We value and respect all the differences that make us who we are, from age and cultural background to race and gender identity, from disability to social background. Here’s a quick look at our global priorities and what we’re doing to support them.

Cultural diversity

With 46 offices across 27 locations, we have a wonderfully diverse community and have respect for different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs.


We are committed to improving accessibility and enablement for our employees with different abilities and health conditions.

Social Mobility

We believe that talent, determination and core values should decide someone's career, not their social or economic background.

Gender Balance

We are dedicated to achieving a greater gender balance and narrowing the gender pay gap.


We embrace our LGBT+ employees and communities, and support people to express their sexual orientation and gender identity at work.

Building a successful career

Juliet Bullick Head of Strategic Initiatives shares her thoughts on building a successful career within Investment Management.


Giving our people a voice

Our Diversity & Inclusion Networks create regional and global communities of people with a shared interest in our priority areas. Open to everyone, these networks play an active and important role in shaping our D&I strategy. They inform our decisions and help us understand how to build a culture where everyone feels they belong. They also organise all kinds of awareness-raising activities and events.

Fidelity International feature on The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2022

We are delighted to be recognised alongside other companies who are driving outstanding process on gender equality in the workplace


Women in Finance Charter

Alongside our global Diversity and Inclusion activities, Fidelity International has signed up to the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter, a UK government initiative to address gender balance across all UK Financial Services firms.

As a signatory of the Charter, we have committed to the following.

Set targets
Publish progress
What is driving the change?
How will we continue to progress?
Have senior accountability

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